Steering and Suspension Service and Repair

Ensure Smooth Rides in Dickinson, TX: Expert Steering & Suspension Service at Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires

Your steering helps you control your vehicle and move heavy components with ease. Your suspension suspends your vehicle above the wheels to ensure a comfortable ride. Both of these systems are composed of many different components to keep you safe on the road — which means what starts as a small problem may get bigger over time as your vehicle’s condition worsens.

If you want to make sure your vehicle’s steering and suspension are in the best condition they can be, you can rely on the crew at Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires in Dickinson, TX to provide timely inspections and repairs. With over a decade of serving highly satisfied customers, we can get you back out on the road fast with dependable, trustworthy service. Call us today to secure your spot on our ongoing appointment roster.

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What To Expect From Our Suspension Services And Repairs

Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires understands the complexities of modern steering and suspension systems. We’re experienced providers with a history of results, which means you can trust our team to get you back on the road.

Our steering and suspension service and repair includes:


We check steering linkages, rack and pinion assemblies, tie rods, and pump systems, as well as their associated belts. We also inspect power steering fluid levels to make sure your system is getting the fluids it needs to operate effectively.


We check ball joints, coil springs, shocks, struts, sway bars, and bushings (in addition to your front and rear alignment) to ensure proper function.


We investigate potential problems with your steering or suspension so you can feel more confident driving down the road.

Our team of experts wants to keep your vehicle operating as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible. We invite you to call us today for steering and suspension service and repair to get the ultimate protection against mechanical failure.

Does Your Car Need Suspension Service and Repair?

Many elements of your suspension and steering system are wear parts, which means they naturally wear out over time. Any vehicle you own needs periodic servicing to replace worn-out parts and stay in optimal condition.

Some signs you may need suspension service and repair include:

Rough Driving

Steering and suspension systems have an especially rough time on potholes, cracks, curbs, and road debris. If your drive is no longer as smooth as it once was, you may need to schedule a service visit.

Uneven Driving

Have you noticed your vehicle leaning to one side while driving? You may want to bring it in for maintenance or repair.

Unusual Noises

If your steering wheel makes a grinding sound while adjusting your vehicle, there may be something amiss with your turning gears. Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires can easily address this issue and prevent smaller problems from getting worse.

If you suspect damage to your steering and suspension system, it’s best to bring your vehicle to Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires. We would be happy to take a closer look at your vehicle and offer suggestions for repairs and maintenance.

Repair Your Steering And Suspension With Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires

Driving your vehicle with worn-out or damaged steering and suspension components can be unreliable, expensive, and potentially even dangerous. Since many small problems get worse over time, you may spend an untold amount of time and money on repairs.

If you’re ready to secure your vehicle’s steering and suspension with ironclad warranties and dependable maintenance, you can rely on the crew at Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires for effective support and peace of mind. We’re proud to serve hundreds of Dickinson locals with trustworthy services and long-lasting auto repairs. We’d be honored to have you join the Dynamic Solutions family as a happy and satisfied customer.

For prompt and effective service for cars, SUVs, and light trucks, let Dynamic Solutions Auto Repair & Tires be your local company of choice. We invite you to visit our auto shop today at 4207 24th Street, Dickinson , Texas, 77539.